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Welcome to Hindustan National Party

The structure of the HNP is so designed that there will not be innumerable committees with power posts. The HNP will have ONE NATIONAL COMMITTEE with required sub-committees, ONE STATE COMMITTEE IN EACH STATE with required sub-committees and CONSTITUENCY COMMITTEES (Parliamentary or Assembly) and WARD COMMITTEES in Local Bodies.

A person selected to contest from a particular constituency or ward will be the President of that Constituency Committee or ward committee and such person will have to work throughout the period projecting himself before the public as the CANDIDATE of that constituency or ward for the ensuing election.

In policy forming matters the opinion and power will emerge from the bottom of the party and the State Committee and National Committee will honour the decisions of the lower committees in all its probabiliorism.

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The “Hindustan National Party” is contesting the Parliamentary Elections alone.

Candidates who Interested in Standing for Parliamentary Elections are invited for Interview;

For contact only: +91-94442 37780 , +91-99441 37780 & +91-75502 27185

We will not charge any fees from the candidates except the Evaluation fee of Rs.1,000/- and Deposit fees of Rs.25,000/- or Rs.12,500/-.