Welcome To HNP : Party Policy

The Hindustan National Party (HNP) is committed to nationalism. Equal treatment for all, democracy and values enshrined in the concept of Dharma, based upon the Human Value, culture and unique genius of this land. The Territory of India is sacrosanct and will be protected at all costs from fissiparous forces within and outside the land.

Providing good governance, building a strong and united India based upon universal principles of liberty, fraternity equality ethical and moral values is the basic philosophy of the HNP.

The Government shall not discriminate between citizens on the basis of religion, caste and way of worship. Every one will be at liberty to follow any faith.

There shall be no “conversion” whatsoever” from one religion to another.

There shall be uniform laws for all citizens. Civil, Criminal and Labour Laws will be amended.

HNP will give utmost top priority to unity, integrity and security of the country. Patriotic values will be imbued in all citizens as part of education.

Terrorism in any form from any corner will be dealt with iron hand and extreme penalties will be imposed.

Corruption in any form by anybody irrespective of their position in the society will not be tolerated and extreme punishment will be awarded . The structure of the HNP is structured in such a way that corruption finds no place from the bottom to top and there shall not be ONE MAN SHOW in the party.

The propaganda of the HNP in all respect including Election WILL BE ONLY POLICY BASED AND NOT BASED ON ANY PARTICULAR PERSON’S VALUE OR STATUS. People will be educated to care the policies of the parties and not the value or status of any particular individual.

The HNP will not tolerate any discrimination in the public places based on religion, caste or language and the offending person or group of persons will be subjected to draconian punishment regardless of their religious status or other affiliation.

The HNP will ensure Free and Top Quality education for all children from nursery to 12th std. Talented and meritorious students from poor section will be fully funded by the Government for their higher studies. There will be uniform syllabus throughout the country and the research students will encouraged.

As for the language is concerned “ the Mother Tongue” of that state will be compulsory for all students from nursery to 12th standard with any one Indian language other than Mother Tongue as additional language. The English will form the part of curriculum since it is global link language.

The HNP assures employment to one person in one family by creating job apportunities.

The present laws in our country date back to the oppressive era of British imperialism and colonialism to keep the people in perpetual enslavement. The HNP would re-draw the laws to suit the environment and societal need of the day.

The agricultural lands shall not, except in rarest of rare case, be diverted for other use. If absolutely necessary for strategic or other reasons of the state, the farmers displaced shall be provided equal arable land and all assistance necessary for re-settlement will be provided before occupying his land.

Government control over the Hindu places of worship will be removed and handed over to be managed by Hindus.

The HNP will take all necessary revolutionary measures to unite all Hindu religious leaders, irrespective of their caste or creed and bring them under one umbrella to administer Hindu religious matters.

As the HNP’s avowed policy is to eliminate corruption the HNP will not have ‘ ONE MAN SHOW’ system in the party and no candidate will be projected as Prime Ministerial or Chief Ministerial candidate. The HNP will project its policies only to the public and seek votes. The people will be educated to value the policies of a party. The Prime Minister or Chief Minister will be elected from within the elected members.