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Earlier, INDIAN NATIONAL SOCIALISTIC ORGANISATION was functioning from 1982 in educating the common public about the evils of caste and religious systems in our country and were professing the need to eliminate the same.

It held spiritual functions in which people from all castes and religion participated. In March 2011, it was felt that, in the present atmosphere, mere spiritual gatherings would not lead to any reformation of the society, it was decided to register a political party by name HINDUSTAN NATIONAL PARTY (HNP) and accordingly it was registered with the Election Commission of India, New Delhi in March 2011, purely with service moto and with new set up of party structure and functions, on all India basis.

The HNP aims at reforming society to a secular society in its true meaning and spirit, where caste discrimination doesn’t exist in public life. The religious conversion in any form by any religion should be totally banned. At the same time right to profess any faith is guaranteed. Ultimately, in all the government and school forms the column “Caste” and “Religion” should be scrapped. People should be allowed free to follow or not any faith.

The HNP would initiate revolutionary steps whereby HNP intends to unite all the present spiritual leaders, irrespective of caste and sects under one banner and address the peasants in one voice throughout the country which would form the base for eradicating caste discrimination.

The erstwhile alien rulers in India, taking advantage of illiteracy and gullible nature of our people, have hidden, changed and camouflaged our history and Vedas for their selfish ends. The truth has to be brought out to awaken the young and forthcoming generation. Or else there is a danger to our country being split into pieces, thus, our tradition will be buried.

Our country has been the richest country in the world, in the agricultural field. Now, by adopting a western style in agriculture and industrializing the paddy fields our country will be driven to stretch arms to a foreign country for food. Poor farmers are being denied their legitimate dues for their toiling by the intermediaries. HNP insists that the agricultural products should be directly purchased by the government offering reasonable price to the producers and sell to the consumers at a cheaper rate.

At present, our educa1tion system in peril. Quick reformation is required to preserve our country and its past. In the present modus operandi by our educationalists and western lured politicians, our genuine languages may see the way to vanish. HNP feels there is an immediate need to change the education policy where everyone gets a free and equal education. The private educational institutions should be nationalized.

The present Executive and Judiciary pillars of democracy have become corrupt and mockery. Laws have no value in the courts throughout. Justice is being rendered discriminately and different yardstick is used on one and same point of law, between poor labourers and bigwigs. HNP feels a thorough reform is required.

The HNP is of the opinion that polity is a and should be service oriented and not of royalism. HNP is very firm in its opinion that one of the major base for corruption is ONE MAN SHOW in any party. Equally so having innumerable power posts in a party. In HNP the sub-committees are so structured that the power emerges from the bottom of the party.

Keeping in mind various issues like party discipline, having proper contesting candidates the HINDUSTAN NATIONAL PARTY is so structured that a person intending to contest an election in a particular constituency should establish his contact with the people in his constituency and work throughout the period to make himself familiar with the people. At the beginning itself, he will be declared as Candidate in the ensuing election and selling of “tickets” for any higher bidder, which is another one of the major base for corruption, will not be there. The HINDUSTAN NATIONAL PARTY will fight the election in most humblest way.

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